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Monumental Masonry Services

Black marble gravestone with engraved golden flower

Customisation and maintenance options for your headstone

Whether you’re searching for a brand new headstone to mark the resting place of a loved one, or you’re interested in a comprehensive refurbishment and/or maintenance service to treat an existing headstone, we can accommodate your every need.

Take a look at the services and options we provide, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so we can better accommodate any need you may have.

New Memorial with Choice of Headstone

With a huge array of materials, design, and style to suit every preference, our diverse range of headstones makes it easier to find the perfect method of memorialising that important person.

Additional Inscriptions

Our expert engravers are available to add to or embellish any existing headstone. Ideal for family interments, where someone is laid to rest alongside a spouse, child or parent and needs to be memorialised on the same headstone.

Regilding and Repainting Service

Rejuvenate a headstone that’s in need of some love and attention. Gold leaf adornments, in particular, can flake and fade over time, but our expert artisans can restore any headstone to its original glory.

Repair and Refurbishment Service

For those memorials that have succumbed to time and the elements and require thorough, technical care to once again look their best. From cracked stone to sunken inscriptions, we can arrange to refurbish any type of memorial.