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Coffins and caskets

Coffin with flowers in the Hopkinson Wootton Lovatt Chapel of rest

Laying your important person to rest in quality and comfort

Choosing the right coffin or casket either for the person you’re saying goodbye to or for yourself (if you’re planning your own funeral arrangements) can be a difficult decision.

At Hopkinson Wootton Lovatt, we know that it’s incredibly important that whatever decision you come to, you know that the coffin or casket is of the highest quality, honouring the person being laid to rest appropriately.

Our range of coffins are all expertly crafted and built to reflect the highest levels of quality, character and dignity.

The York coffin

The York

A light, oak-veneered coffin in a bright, golden wood stain. Featuring classic panelled sides and Oscar handles, this coffin has a timeless, understated look and a carefully appointed interior.

Kinder high-gloss oak coffin

The Kinder

An oak veneered coffin including carved panel sides, medium oak wood stain, high gloss finish with gold Oscar bar handles.

The seagrass eco-friendly coffin

The Seagrass

A beautifully crafted, eco-friendly coffin  woven from sustainably harvested seagrass. Well-built and completely biodegradable, The Seagrass is a great alternative to a traditionally veneered coffin.

Woodland Oak Coffin

The Woodland

An oak-veneered, hand-waxed coffin with an organic, bespoke-crafted look. Fitted with smooth wooden handles instead of the traditional brass or metallic, this coffin has an elegant, natural look.

Solid oak coffin

The Solid Oak

Representing the very best in English artisanry, this handsome solid oak casket features a raised lid, with ornately crafted bar handles and a beautifully appointed interior for a timeless look and feel.

The Alternative Range

For those looking for a coffin with a unique look and personality. We have a range of colours, coverings and styles available.

Get in touch with us to discuss what options for customisation are available to you.

Whatever coffin or casket you’re interested in commissioning for your funeral service, we can guide you through every step of the process.

Get in touch with us to discuss how we might support you with planning your service, or to discuss any other queries or concerns.