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Our fleet

Escorting your loved ones to their final place of rest

The end of a journey is just as important as the beginning, and we believe that the person you’re saying goodbye to deserves the very best in style, character and comfort when it comes to the end of theirs.

Our fleet of top of the line vehicles and funeral cortege options represent the very best in quality. Whether you’re looking for the luxurious comfort of our Mercedes E-Class or a touch of timeless tradition with our horse-drawn carriage, we can help you find the right arrangements for your needs.

Our Mercedes E-Class Hearse

This plush, modern and sensitively equipped hearse incorporates everything one would need to rest assured their loved one is being carried in style. Elegantly designed with the distinct Mercedes interior, this vehicle features ambient lighting, is temperature-controlled to accommodate for any weather, and exudes a sense of effortless class

Our Horse-drawn Carriage

Add a touch of true timeless magic to your loved one’s final journey with a beautifully appointed horse-drawn carriage. Choose the colours of both the carriage and the horses to create a farewell that is as unique as the person you’re saying goodbye to, and rest assured knowing their final send-off will be something truly special.

Our Mercedes E-Class Limousine

The sister-vehicle to our Mercedes E-Class Hearse, this limousine is widely acknowledged to be the ultimate in refinement, style and comfort. The luxuriously appointed and spacious interior, panoramic roof, and overall classic design make the E-Class Limousine the preferred choice for those accompanying a loved one on their final journey.