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Funeral Packages and Pricing Guides

Hopkinson-funeral horse and carriage procession in Newcastle-under-Lyme

A selection of funeral services to suit your every need

When it comes to arranging the perfect funeral service for your loved one (or when planning ahead for your own), it can be difficult to know where to begin in terms of arrangements and cost.

Although we ensure every experience is bespoke to the needs of each individual client, our carefully designed packages are a great place to start when imagining your ideal service.

Hopkinson’s Traditional Cremation Service

The perfect choice for those wishing to hold a full, traditional funeral service for the person who has died. Expertly planned and sensitively handled throughout, this option allows for a number of additional features and extra services to be incorporated depending on preference.

This package includes:

  • A full, traditional cremation service
  • Transfer of the deceased person to private chapel of rest, where viewings can be arranged
  • Arrangement of funeral service at Hopkinson House or an alternative location if preferred
  • Attendance and escort by funeral director and staff, including one hearse.
  • Crematorium and doctor’s fee
  • Minister Fee
  • Completion of all necessary paperwork.

Bradwell Crematorium

Carmountside Crematorium

HWL Professional Services £1000.00 £1000.00
Hearse £250.00 £250.00
Collection of Deceased £250.00 £250.00
Traditional Coffin
(Choice of 3)
£550.00 £550.00
Preparation / Hygiene Treatment £165.00 £165.00
Crematorium Fee (2024)
(Yearly increase)

£650* / £895

£750* / £1055

Doctor’s Fee
(1 Doctor)
£82.00 £82.00
Total £3192.00 £3352.00

Additional features and services

Please see below for a non-comprehensive list of additional services that are available to our clients. We will always do our very best to accommodate your every need, so if you don’t see the service you require below, please do get in touch with us.

  • Coffin Home / Into Church (Overnight) £300
  • Embalming £50
  • Horse Drawn Hearse – £850.00
  • Motorcycle Hearse £1000
  • Limousines – £300.00 each
  • Civil Celebrant Fee – £270.00
  • Religious Minister Fee – from £227.00
  • Order of Service – From £2.00 a copy
  • Obituary Notice Fee – £150.00 (plus VAT)
  • Grave Digging
    – Cremated Remains Grave £100.00
    – Full Burial Plot £550.00
  • Single Oak Urn (For Cremated Remains) – £120.00
  • Double Oak urn – £180
  • Keepsake – From £35
  • Marker Cross – £50.00
  • Seagrass Coffin – £685.00
  • Bespoke Colourful Coffin – £685.00
  • Solid Oak Coffin – £850.00
  • Bespoke Coffin Engraving – £50.00 per engraving
  • Floral Tributes – Please see Floral Tributes Collection Brochure

For all church services, cemetery prices, and any private churchyards, please contact us to discuss arrangements and/or a quotation.

Direct cremation

For those who are looking for a discreet, low-key funeral service or who may have budgetary concerns. Although this option does not include many of the more traditional elements of a funeral service, the person being laid to rest is treated with the utmost respect and care by our dedicated staff.

This package includes:

  • No viewings
  • Transfer of deceased person to our private chapel of rest
  • Cremation Fee
  • Completion of all necessary paperwork.

Price from £1,430.00*

Below is a simple comparison table of our direct cremation packages, our attended package allows for a very limited number of people to attend the chapel whilst a prayer and poem is read by the funeral director.

Hopkinson’s Direct Cremation

Hopkinson’s Direct Cremation

HWL Professional Fees  HWL Professional Fees 
Crematorium Fee Crematorium Fee
Collection of Deceased Collection of Deceased
Standard Coffin Standard Coffin
No Viewings No Viewings
Intimate service in HWL’s Chapel
(maximum 10 people)
£1430.00* £1730.00*

*In England, Wales and Northern Ireland you will usually need to pay Doctors’ fees as well.
This is the charge for two Doctors to sign the medical certificates for cremation.

The full balance is to be paid prior to the funeral.