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About Hopkinson Wootton Lovatt

Compassion, community, and excellence

We are an Independent Funeral Directors based in Staffordshire, serving the vibrant local communities in and around Newcastle-Under-Lyme for just over 200 years.

Using our empathetic personal approach, we support and guide people through the funeral process, from planning the perfect service to organising a fitting tribute. We manage the technicalities and take care of every detail so our clients can concentrate on honouring and remembering their important person.

The relationship that we have the people that we love is truly unique. The way we say goodbye should be just as special.

A truly compassionate approach

As a small, family-run business, we’ve come to understand the power of compassion.

It goes without saying that losing someone special can be an incredibly difficult experience, and although bereavement is likely to affect every single person at one point in their lives, it doesn’t mean that one person’s loss is the same as another’s.

Every person who steps through the doors of Hopkinson House has their own story and we treat every person – every story – as an individual.

We uphold our core values of empathy, consideration, and care across all the services we provide.

Hopkinson funeral cars outside the Sacred Heart Church Hanley

Investing in and serving our community

Over the decades, it has been our distinct privilege to offer exceptional, independent funeral services to the people of Staffordshire.

Having both lived in and served the same community since 1820, the Hopkinson Wootton Lovatt team is, understandably, dedicated to growing and elevating the services we provide to the people we serve.

As the community has invested in us, so we have been able to provide them with better facilities, such as beautiful new premises and the very best fleet facilities available.

To discuss funeral arrangements, learn more or discover how we can help you, please get in touch with our dedicated team.

200 years of history…

Hopkinson Wootton Lovatt was originally founded in 1820, by Cornelious Wootton and his brothers. After many years of hard work diligently serving their community, the Wootton brothers were able to build up a successful business.